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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: what is the cost of a crate for shipping?

A: We will determine the apropriate size of the crate required, it will be added to your purchase price. lowest retail prices as of January 2015 are at walmart, currently prices for non-wire crates range from $60 to $95 CDN +15% sales tax.

Q: How much does it cost to ship a dog?

A: Please contact WestJet Cargo directly at: 1-866-952-2746. For general information, please visit:

Q: Where does Westjet Cargo ship?

A: All Canadian Provinces and territories

Q: Do you ship to the USA?

A: We are sorry to inform you that at this time, we are no longer shipping puppies to the USA due to US Regulation changes, and increased puppy care costs that would otherwise need to be passed onto the consumer in whole or in part: (Time, Training, food, crate, imunizations and check-up's at the vet. local transportation to both checkups and airline.)

In Addition, US Customs is revising many of their import regulations and other requirements,
For example: According to the United States CDC - US DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: All imported dogs must be properly vaccinated against rabies.

Currently, licensed rabies vaccines have not been shown to be effective when administered to dogs aged less than 3 months. Additionally, full immune response to the vaccine in dogs that have never been previously vaccinated does not occur until approximately 30 days after vaccination. Therefore, under HHS/CDC’s current regulations, puppies may not be vaccinated against rabies earlier than 3 months of age and previously unvaccinated dogs are only considered adequately immunized 30 days post-vaccination. (Therefore, vaccinated puppies must be at least 4 months old when able to be exported to the U.S.)
For adult dogs that have previously been adequately immunized against rabies, but whose rabies vaccination certificates have expired, are considered adequately immunized immediately following administration of a booster vaccination.

For more information about importing dogs into the USA click here for CDC information.